DRD Group Tuition and workshops is an experience in community art-making involving intensive learning over a short period of time. Each workshop or group tuition can be tailored to suit the age and creative desires of the participants and are suitable for children from 7 up to adults. These workshops can range from as little as a 1 hour to a day-long intensive a block of several lessons over a period of weeks and beyond.
Fun safe environment
DRD Group Tuition offers ‘safety in numbers’ for those that just want to have a go. Art is often intimidating for people. We understand this and make the creative process as reassuring as possible with lots of support and clear learning scaffolding. The core idea behind the DRD Group Tuition is about ‘everyone’ being able to excel at the level they want to aspire to in a supportive social setting.
Read on to see four types of private tuition or group workshops that are run by DRD Tuition.

DRD Creative Tuition

…. can be facilitated in either private or group tuition. DRD Creative Tuition’s aim is to impart the best possible artistic skills for people of all ages who are alive with creative passion. DRD Creative Tuition is arranged in differentiated parts to suit all artists from beginners to advanced, enabling everyone to develop skills and confidence to create with ease.


Marbling techniques ~ this workshop will cover:
Basic history of marbling
Marbling techniques on paper
Marbling techniques on fabric


Illustration ~ a variety of illustration techniques covering:
Paint, crayon and pencil mediums
Set art briefs to work upon
Techniques and styles
For children a set poem or text to illustrate

Private tuition can be arranged to gain the maximum benefit from Diana’s extensive experience. Over even a short period of time, your creative skills can reach a level of finesse and professional finish. Embedded in these lessons, will be the skills you specify you would like to improve and learn prior to the lessons, depending on your age and existing skill levels.
There are many different creative ideas students may wish to explore to bring out hidden creative talents. It is entirely possible to tailor tuition/ workshops or courses to suit you or your group’s needs.

Who facilitates it?

Diana Reynolds has been an illustrator and designer for over 30 years. She has been teaching in Australian schools and community groups for 25 years.

Diana’s Credentials:

Manager: Zu Graphic Company: advertising & promotional design, graphics, design and illustration.
Illustration workshops with SLNSW, Write To Read for NSW schools, HOW crafts, many primary & High school workshops.
Graphic Design & Fine Arts tutor at TAFE, COFA.
Quantel Paintbox teacher, Paintbox promotion & trade shows.
ABC & Foxtel designer.
Film, Television & commercial production design & art direction.
So how do I get tuition to happen?
Contact Diana Reynolds through the website with plenty of lead-up time before your event or deadline as there is a lot of planning involved. Together we can come up with a suitable plan, budget, content, materials etc. You can also text Diana on 044224 758976 phone the landline on 02 8090 8878 in Australia.

Book Illustration 

Book illustration ~ this workshop will cover:
Basic cover design and formatting
Specific creative styles and options to suit the title
For children, a set text to illustrate
internal illustration styles
use of photomontage techniques

Art Syllabus Tuition

Art Syllabus Tuition ~ either private or group tuition will cover:
High school years 7 to HSC visual art syllabus
Body of Work advise and VAPD assistance
Planning and advice to completion of excellence
2D visual art or 3D advice on ceramics, sculpture, installations
VA essay writing and assignment advice
Techniques and methods to actualise & assist efficient art creation
Planning and advice on writing for your BOW

SkillShare Tuition Workshops

Diana Reynolds Design


Diana Reynolds