Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier lovers unite!

The Boston Terrier, known as the ‘American Gentleman’ is a non-sporting breed. Boston Terriers are small and compact with a short tail and erect ears. Boston Terriers are highly intelligent and gentle breed and very easily trained, friendly but can be stubborn at times.

Due to the Boston Terrier’s markings resembling formal wear like tuxedo’s, in addition to its refined and pleasant personality, the breed is commonly referred to as the ’American Gentleman.

Created on 200gsm Canson watercolour paper. The biggest challenge to this dog artwork was painting the fine short haired coat <br>and maintaining a dignified expression on the dog portrait.

The original artwork is a watercolour with pencil detail.<br> It has a plain white background and is 24 x 32 cm/ 9 3/8 x 12 ½ inches.

Each 300 p.p.i. digital print has a textured background and is 20.32 x 23.09 cm/ 8 x 10.66 inches. For digital prints you can request a plain coloured background to your colour preference if you would prefer it.

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