I’m all about visual communication and design thinking. Playing with self or client driven ideas across a wide assortment of mediums and artistic arenas is mana to me. Bringing these ideas to their highest state of excellence is my second nature.




Zu Graphic Design partnership: illustration, marketing & product design, audiovisual design, packaging, book & magazine design.

Art Direction for Film & Television, Post production visual effects for 2D & 3D,

Titles & programme design for Television ,with Australian Broadcasting Commission, Foxtel AAV Digital Pictures & Nickolodeon.

Children’s book illustration: High Street Kew East by Kominos and Lost and Found by Ellen Francis.

Indie book design for Merinda’s Mark, A Travelling Lark, A Small Girls’ 1960s Tasmania. Ember and the Fire Sprite series.

Children’s illustration workshops all over New South Wales, teaching Graphic Design (TAFE, COFA) –

I’m passionate about assisting people who burn brightly with artistic endeavour, no matter their age.


I enjoy working on


creative projects and I am adept at working collaboratively or autonomously. Projects that help or entertain or educate – or all three!

‘I’m interested in

My family. I have grown up twin boys and a growing girl, all of whom I have homeschooled. I love cooking vegetarian food, gardening, swimming, the bush and all our marvelous fauna. I adore music and dance and revel in crafts and all fusions related to the crossover between craft and art. I also love people’s stories; we are all sentient history books with fascinating stories to tell.

Australian Artist

Diana Reynolds