Robin Redbreast Jemma Julian

Sydney’s sunny weather has not been at all helpful for filming my daughter’s next Youtube video called, ‘Robin Redbreast.’ We’ve wanted cloudy weather as it is a softer light for the overall look of the film. We were thrilled to receive for free some Robin Redbreast footage from a very generous man in Shrewsbury, UK.


We looked around for some time trying to find a place where there are European trees without people, fences, houses, cars and roads and finally found the 1.89 hectare Centennial Park in the Eastern suburbs to be the best.

While we waited for the elusive cloudy day, we made props. My daughter made a Polymer clay Robin pendant and Robin eggs for a nest. I painted a Robin Redbreast on an umbrella and made 2 twirly swing skirts, one plain; with a Robin Redbreast appliqué and another with Robin patterned fabric from Jill O’Connor at Spoonflower: 

The final edit has been done and here is the link to ‘Robin Redbreast!

Gallery Diana

Gallery Diana

Here is a gallery of creative industry, from homely crafts to worldly jobs of repute – creativity leads the way through my days.

This year promised surprises and it has been very obliging as it’s only May! A new website has been the focus for the last few months. It has been really interesting to collaborate with Creatitmon on this project and I am enjoying the results.

Thanks a million Debie.

Hot on the heels was the release of my 13-year-old daughter’s first YouTube video, ‘Grandma’s Garden’, which we filmed late last 2017



I also received a visit from the National Parks & Wildlife Service about feeding native birds, which got me very cross indeed! I am passionate about our fauna and flora and the many ways Australians ignore or take our marvelous wildlife for granted. It brought about a great deal of creative energy; I submitted an Expression of Interest to Sydney City Council based on a self-written children’s story called ‘Fiona’s Fauna’. I collaborated with a great friend Anu Grace on this submission and learnt a lot from the process.

Included in the pitch are 4 interactive stands which include lit story panels and neon fauna road sign type graphics. I submitted plan drawings to a props company and was astonished at the costs! Sydney is surely an expensive town for large graphic installations!