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Meet Fiona, the animal-loving kid who dreams BIG! Join Fiona as she journeys across Australia to meet the most famous animals from down under, only mega-sized! Great gift for fans of dinosaurs and nature or really for any young Aussie interested in our native wildlife.

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Move over Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Diana and Jemma have created a new children’s book called ‘Fiona for Fauna,’ which is super fun and overflows with larger-than-life animals that inspire the respect they deserve in the minds of the local Aussie humans.

Who remembers the wallaby that jumped over the Sydney harbour Bridge last summer? Motorists were astonished to see the wallaby on its way to the green grass of Sydney’s Botanical gardens.

So this amazing kangaroo became the first page and inspiration for our book Fiona for Fauna. Over? Across? These can be slippery concepts sometimes, so Fiona imagines the wallaby jumping OVER the bridge, not across!

What tremendous fun! A giant kangaroo jumping so high and being so big that the cars and buildings and humans are tiny!

Fiona’s ideas became an irresistible poem written by Jemma – modern Aussie animals at megafauna size, creating a different awareness and acceptance of them for Fiona and her friends. On every page, she visits a variety of iconic creatures in each state of Australia.

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Fiona for Fauna

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